The theory and practice of Islamic disciplines around the world has grown so rapidly. The main focus of ICMID 2019 is look at one of the main themes of this conference, namely the “Financing, Real Estates Development and Construction from the perspective of Islam”. The issues encircling this theme are to be shared among academics, researchers, lawmakers, policy makers and implementers from both public and private sectors worldwide.  Multi and Islamic disciplines to be brought to the forefront are Finance, Accounting and Economics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Real Estates Development, Construction, Project Management, Management, Medicine, Islamic Science and Technology, Wakaf, Zakat, Halal and many more.

The forums at ICMID 2019 will as well be addressing wakaf financing capabilities in supporting the real estate’s development and construction. There will be a discussion among prominent scholars, authorities, and industry players on the wakaf unique instrument that could be implemented in the economic activities in Malaysia as a tool to increase the Gross Domestic Product of the country.  The discussion of the various knowledge and research finding from various Islamic disciplines could perhaps provide basis to relook the at the current policies, procedures and guidelines that shape the financing of the country’s projects.

ICMID 2019 targets various researchers, federal and state government officers, private sectors and industries players.  The main focus are the  issues directly related to the Multi and Islamic Discipline globally, It is envisaged that this conference should unveil some solution to the pertinent issue related to the Muslim in Malaysia and globally.  As such, from this conference, the participants are expected to be able to utilize the resources and networking from the organizers i.e UPUM, and its partners and the affiliates.